Thinking in the Abstract: The Ultimate Modern Design Concept

When done properly, abstract d├ęcor is the perfect blending of chaos and clean lines for maximum visual impact. Abstract art and furnishings offer the design advantage of providing a fresh perspective depending on where you happen to be standing. Well-chosen abstract pieces are a key component of modern home design and can truly modernize a space. Here are some good examples:

Abstract Decorating with Art

abstract decorating

Abstract pieces in coordinating colors

When choosing abstract art, you can select coordinating pieces or balance abstract pieces with non-abstract pieces in coordinating colors. One Kings Lane recommends selecting a three-color palette that includes at least one metallic tone.

We love the pairing of this abstract vertical piece with two smaller abstract graphic prints in a similar color scheme. The accompanying table vignette contributes to the metallic anchor color.

Abstract Living Room Furniture

abstract decorating

Custom painted coffee table from East Editions

A bold geometric print instantly adds abstract appeal to a handcrafted coffee table. The piece on the left features a custom acrylic and aerosol paint job with a satin varnish.

Tip: To avoid overdoing an abstract look on large furniture, choose an minimalist piece with clean lines so that the shape and the paint are not both fighting for attention.

Abstract Bedroom Furniture

abstract decorating

Stack of drawers by Factor Design

Many furniture designers are conceptualizing abstract furniture pieces, and many futuristic silhouettes are coming out of this movement. This piece manages to be as beautiful as it is functional with contemporary appeal.

The design is as clean a stack of blocks yet surprisingly practical for everyday use.

Subtle Abstract Choices

abstract decorating

Universal Latitude Round Glass Table with Metal Abstract Base at Belfort Furniture

We always like to recommend a few subtle choices for people who are interested in a more understated approach to bold design trends.

Unexpected places you can incorporate abstract elements include accent tables, such as the one on the left, and miscellaneous decorative pieces.



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