How to Capture Midcentury Modern Design in Your Home

EVOKE homes are characterized by the clean, simple lines that flow throughout the home. That’s why we love midcentury modern interior design — furnishings within this design scheme are known for their effortless simplicity and fit solidly into the contemporary design sensibility we try to cultivate in each home. Here are some tips for capturing midcentury modern design for yourself:

Smooth Walnut or Teak Tables

Midcentury modern design

Hesse Dining Table by Joybird Furniture

Smooth wood tables made of walnut or teak on tell-tale tapered legs are prominent in midcentury modern design. Look for tables made of solid wood to maximize durability. You can lighten the heavy look of solid wood by choosing a piece with a glass top to create a greater feeling of openness.

Low to the Ground Furniture

midcentury modern design

Gus Modern Atwood Sofa in Muskoka Surf

Another signature of midcentury modern home design is furniture that sits low to the ground or features a low back. For an authentic midcentury look, you will want to select furniture pieces that blend upholstery and wood elements, such as wooden arms or legs.

Tufted furniture with a sharp, rectangular frame is a solid bet as well as statement pieces in bold colors like avocado and mustard. If you prefer a more understated take on this design, consider furniture pieces in neutral tones.

Wallpaper Makes a Comeback

midcentury modern design

Vintage-inspired wallpaper

Wallpaper has made a resurgence in recent years, and high-quality wallpaper can truly make an entire room come together. However, modern homeowners should use wallpaper sparingly so that they do not overwhelm a space with either color or pattern.

This is particularly good advice if you are drawn to bold wallpapers, which are best suited for an accent wall or in a single room of the house. If you do choose a bold wallpaper, adopt a minimalist approach to selecting artwork and other wall décor. You won’t want your wall art to be fighting for attention with your wallpaper. Midcentury modern wallpaper is characterized by geometric shapes like circles and diamonds, but don’t feel limited to those options.

The Midcentury Modern Credenza

midcentury modern design

Mid Century Teak Credenza Cabinet by Peter Hvidt and Orla Molgaard Nielsen

Few items bring a retro sensibility to life in a home more than a solid wood credenza or sideboard. As with dining tables, midcentury modern credenzas are often raised up on tapered legs. They also feature storage space; sliding wooden doors or cabinet-like “swing-out” doors hide items out of sight for a clean look in the home. These pieces make excellent entryway pieces and work equally well in bedrooms.

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